Shanghai Huangfaji Spring Games Report

In order to enrich the employees' spare time life and display the company's good spirit and corporate image, under the careful planning and organization of the office manager, the Spring Sports Meeting of Shanghai Huangfaji Machinery Mold Co., Ltd. was held on April 12. The sports meeting was adapted to local conditions and held more than ten competitions such as tug-of-war, three-person football, table tennis, and badminton. Employees were very enthusiastic about participating, with the number of participants reaching 112, and the participation rate reaching almost 100%. An award ceremony was held after the sports meeting, and a total of 57 people received certificates of honor and prizes. Looking back on this sports meeting, there are many things worth recalling: First, the "National Fitness Outline" was conscientiously implemented and created an environment of "happy work, healthy life"; second, the spring sports meeting was successfully held, enriching the employees' leisure time life; thirdly, due to the active participation of employees, it not only shows a good mental outlook, but also brings a good mood to the employees to work seriously. To build a good enterprise, we must not only have high economic benefits, but also have a prosperous corporate culture; we must not only have rich material civilization, but also have a high degree of spiritual civilization. Invigorating the spiritual and cultural life of employees, ensuring the physical and mental health of employees, and improving the overall quality of employees are not only an inevitable trend to improve the vitality of enterprises and promote corporate culture, but also an important work measure for employees to improve their mental state and mobilize their enthusiasm for work.





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